A Different Perspective on Inclusive Practice, 

Respectful Language

This handbook raises key questions for our time, significant questions for learning and personal growth, and critical for the direction of organisational change. 

​Why is respect for human experience in such short supply within services?

"Firstly a huge congratulation on a masterpiece, I really enjoyed reading the handbook, it is insightful and the use of language is very positive, enabling people of all abilities to follow, with ease.  In my view, this handbook must be an integral part of every learning organisation, which works to achieve inclusive practice.  Once you publish this handbook, we will seek permission from you, to use the handbook in our daily practice for all staff and make it available to service users who are our equal partners; to ensure strength of inclusive practice is maintained at all levels across the organisation."

Yasmin Khan, Director, Staying Put.

It is deeply impressive - Content and presentation are really effective. Congratulations - it is an important resource, you really are creating a distinctive vocabulary.” John West-Burnham.

'This book is an important, well written study that deals with the language of respect. It illustrates how respect starts with a relationship of equals, which requires empathy and understanding between both parties. This book will be essential reading for any organisation or professional working with people who are disabled, as well as being a valuable resource for those with disabilities. I found it to be a powerful and enlightening read, which includes personal reflection with current theory.' Ruth F. Hunt (Author of The Single Feather )

"Fantastic! Very enjoyable. Lovely to hear your voice through the words. Love the gentle humour and wit with which it’s written! Good job Lady!" Jill Mundy

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